At Lakeside Church:

1.  We Take God at His Word. Period! 

     God’s Word will be infused in everything we do. 

2. Lost People Matter to God and Therefore Matter

     to Us 

      We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t

      know Christ. 

3. Growing People Change 

     Becoming more like Jesus is our personal responsibility, 24/7.

4. Nobody Stands Alone 

    We believe hands down the local church is the hope of the

     world and we know we can accomplish infinitely more

     together than apart. 

5. We Will Lead the Way in Radical Generosity 

    Going above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of

    God will define our generosity. 

6. Serving People is the Norm 

    People in need cross our path everyday, so we’re always on

    the lookout for opportunities to serve.

We Believe

  • God is bigger and better and closer than we can imagine. 
  • The Bible is God's perfect guidebook for living. 
  • Jesus is God showing Himself to us. 
  • Through His Holy Spirit, God lives in and through us now. 
  • Nothing in creation "just happened." God made it all. 
  • Grace is the only way to have a relationship with God. Faith is the only way to grow in our relationship with God.
  • God has allowed evil to provide us with a choice, God can bring good even out of evil events and God promises victory over evil to those who choose Him. 
  • Heaven and hell are real places. Death is a beginning, not the end. 
  • The church is to serve people like Jesus served people. 
  • Jesus is coming again!